Our services

Political Consultancy

We often work as advocates for clients or causes. Lobbying means that we sometimes represent and convey the views of our clients to politicians and officials. This can involve making official submissions to institutions or simply bringing an issue to light with politicians and officials. Likewise, an important part of our role is to communicate back to clients the views of policymakers. We are members of the EU Transparency Register.

Public Policy Research

The backbone of what we offer is in-depth policy analysis and political intelligence. This can range from monitoring the passage of UK or EU legislation, preparing white papers or briefing notes or supporting in-house teams with research. Our team of experts has policy expertise in a number of issue areas from energy, environment and economics to transport, agriculture and financial services, online platforms and social media, sport and sporting integrity, political parties, nationalism, security and policing.


Our team contains experts in media relations some of whom have been journalists themselves or who have been spokespeople to the media. Our approach to media relations is to use our understanding of issues to help shape compelling stories. We can also provide media training and advice on interview technique and article pitching.

Strategic Counsel

We offer a sounding-board for an organisation’s existing strategies and/or help in developing new ones, working with internal and external decision-makers.

Copywriting and Editing

We have provided professional copywriting and translation services for clients in the past and can help with all aspects of written and digital content.

Roundtables and Launches

We have arranged many events in London, Brussels and elsewhere; from specialist roundtables to conferences, press seminars or film-screenings. Information on our previous events is available upon request. We have also run fringe events at each of the main party conferences in the UK.