Our services

Our team is experienced in policy research, political campaigning and environmental strategy. We draw on a trusted network in each of these areas. With Brexit behind us, the finalisation of the Paris Rulebook at COP26 ahead of us and with much greater interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics, we can help you to stay fully abreast of the national, supranational and international regulatory landscape and to avoid all greenwash. Our client base and experience means that you can rely on authoritative insights and decades of expertise. Our ethical code (based on the UK Cooperative Group’s) means we have never worked for organisations that are harmful to the environment or to human or animal health (and we never will).

Since our incorporation in 2014, we have specialised in helping businesses, think tanks and NGOs that genuinely want to contribute to sustainable development understand the regulatory landscape and get their messages out. Below is a short breakdown of the services we offer:

Political Consultancy

We are proud to have been part of a number of recent environmental campaigns in London and Brussels, including ensuring energy efficiency is properly funded in the UK, on ensuring the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive II incentivises genuine low carbon power rather than funding incumbent fossil fuel interests and on ensuring a sustainable European and UK forestry policy that protects natural forests and other carbon sinks.

Over their careers, our team has worked on three UK Energy Bills (led by six different Secretaries of State) and numerous EU energy and environment directives or regulations across three European Commission mandates. We have also closely followed the proceedings of 10 UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COPs), beginning with COP15, at Copenhagen in 2009.  

Public Policy Research

The backbone of what we offer is in-depth analysis via primary and secondary research. This can range from detailed reports on UK or EU legislation or developments at UNFCCC or CBD level, preparing white papers or briefing notes or supporting in-house teams with research into ESG strategy and regulatory risk.

We have also produced a number of white papers on specific issues, some of which have been based on in-depth interviews with stakeholders.   

Our team has expertise in a number of policy areas, from electricity and heat markets to forestry policy, emissions trading, sustainable finance, agriculture and biocontrol. We have also advised a number of organisations on Net Zero commitments.

ESG Strategy

We have advised a number of small companies, larger brands and campaigning organisations interested in sustainable finance on the increasingly important range of regulations associated with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and disclosure. Our associates have even been part of the development of these metrics and benchmarks in certain sectors. On the regulatory side, we have been following developments around the Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) since its inception in 2015 as well as the EU Taxonomy and Green Bond Standard. Our Director, Alasdair MacEwen had a seat on the UK Green Finance Taskforce energy efficiency working group.

On the research and communications side, we have helped a number of genuinely progressive companies understand how they can improve their environmental performance from huge brands like Lenovo to start-ups.